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to work from Africa’s most celebrated artists.

The works in the Gallery at Moondance reflect the diversity and broad scope of our extraordinary African continent. Contemporary pieces from Photography by Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru to Iconic exquisite pieces by SA leading artist William Kentridge and Gold leaf works by young Cape Tonian, Pierre Vermeulen. The gallery is also home to superb Bronzes by David Brown and magnificent glass and copper sculptures by local craftsmen and women.
This is the art of Kenyan born Cyrus Kabiru, who is well known for his eyewear self portraits as seen above. His sculptural works push the boundaries of the standard art mediums as it crosses the boundaries of sculpture, photography and fashion. His work captures his imagination of the future and the morphing of modernisation.
flaunt it - Patrick Willocq
This is an artwork from the collection 'Superwalés. Patrick collaborated with the pygmy community of DR Congo to create surreal scenes that look as if they were from a fantasy novel. He plays with themes of reality and imagination to create scenes depicting first-time mothers - imagining the future of the country peaceful and fully developed in a sustainable way.
Triumph of Bacchus, Marcus Aurelius - William Kentridge
These two artworks use a technique called Lift Ground Aquatint etching on 100% hemp Phumani handmade paper to recreate prints of his original charcoal sketches. Kentridge made these etchings as a small piece of larger artwork that was stencilled onto the walls of the Tiber in Rome. He did this by removing dirt on the wall to create negative space revealing his monumental prints of horses and soldiers stretching the full length of the embankment.
hair orchid print - Pierre Vermeulen
These artworks are from Vermeulen's "Calendar Orchids series", where he experiments with mixed media to create a layered artwork that questions the human condition. He has used his own sweat and dried orchid petals in shellac to create this artwork, controlling the oxidisation process to enhance the artwork. Some see the gold as a representation of an ideal world tainted by human interaction.

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